Application Process


Sharing and collaboration are vital to achieve significant results in a small country like Ireland. Biobank Ireland also has a particular commitment to industry. With completion of the network, research material will be available from more than 8 biobanks to all approved academic and industry researchers. The Sample Access Policy is currently being revised. Relevant points are listed here:

  • Researchers may apply for samples and patient data, mostly colon and breast cancer, but also other types
  • Samples and data are available to academic and industry researchers
  • Prospective and routinely biobanked samples may be obtained if feasible
  • Biobank Ireland has received Patient Consent and Ethics approval for biobanking
  • Researchers need Ethics and Scientific approval for their project
  • Archival FFPE sections may be available if the REC waives patient consent
  • A cost recovery fee* applies for retrieving samples (see below)

* Note that the Irish research agencies under the Health Research Group agreed to have approved biobanking expenses as a line item in their grants

Application form from BMEE@STJAMES.IE or