Conditions of Sample Supply

All samples provided by SJHCB will be coded and pseudoanonymised, and will have a biobank number as the only identifier. An applicant with a funded project must first apply to the Research and Ethics Committee. Scientific review for projects by local researchers is carried out by an individual nominated by the biobank committee. For collaborative projects requesting samples from more than one biobank hospital the scientific review is carried out by the biobank network steering committee (Sample Access Policy is being revised).

Time to supply samples and data following approval of an application will vary depending upon the Research and Ethics Committee’s deliberations, and on the number and types of sample requested. Entire tissue blocks will not be issued. Sections or extracted material only will be released. If sample extraction is required, the quality and quantity of resulting nucleic acids cannot be guaranteed and may result in sample requirements not being fulfilled if deemed unsuitable for use.

Biobank Ireland and its hospital biobanks should be acknowledged as sample suppliers in any article, paper, poster, etc. generated from research carried out on samples supplied and should be informed of the publication. We seek the return of raw data from all supplied projects, post publication or IP exploitation to enrich samples for future use.