To promote among all stakeholders the development of a network of hospital biobanks using a common database to collect, store and share samples donated by patients for approved cancer research projects.

To facilitate (inter)national basic and translational research collaborations and clinical trials that may lead to precise, less toxic treatments and a better prognosis.

To provide an equitable sample access and withdrawal process for all researchers with ethically and scientifically approved projects via a web portal (online catalogue of samples and coded patient data).

To campaign for GDPR-compliant research use of archival (pre-2018) pathology tissue samples and associated data in the public interest.

To engage with the government, patients and members of the public on the importance of a biobanking infrastructure to manage both patient-donated and archival tissue samples for cancer research to benefit patient care, industry, and the economy.

To have government contribute to sustainable funding of co-ordinated biobanking in Ireland as standard of cancer care.