“Biobank Ireland Trust (Charities Regulator No. 20057176) is a company limited by guarantee, managed by a board of Trustees”.

Trustees: C Flanagan, E Gaffney.

Directors: C Flanagan, E Gaffney.

Advisory Group: L Burke, E Connolly, R Flavin, B Mee, G Callagy, D O’Connell, C Duggan, O Gavan, T Keane, JJ O’Leary, J Ryan.

Day to day running of Biobank Ireland Trust is the responsibility of EG and CF, working with the hospital biobank director, biobank manager and hospital staff. We have no administrative personnel: all grants and funds raised go directly towards biobank scientist salaries and expenses in the network hospital biobanks.

Details Biobank Ireland Trust
Business Name Cancer Research Progress & Support Ltd.
Trading Name Biobank Ireland Trust
Company Number 394406
Corporation Tax Number 64144060
Charity Regulatory Authority Website Number 20057176
Charity Number CHY 16085
Bank Account Details AIB 1 Lower Baggot Street
Sort Code 931012
IBAN IE20 AIBK931012062930 31

In order that the Biobank Network operates harmoniously and cohesively, governance of the network should be the joint responsibility of Biobank Ireland’s Board of Trustees and the participating hospitals, initially St James’s Hospital. Biobank Ireland and individual hospitals will have joint responsibility for directing and overseeing the Biobank Network.

Guidelines will be issued in re-evaluation of:
• Approval of procedures and projects by Hospital Research and Ethics Committees
• Standard operational procedures for samples and informatics
• Conditions and schedule of storage of material
• Early quality control procedures
• Audit and sample tracking
• Back-up biobanks and temperature alarms for biobanks
• Security/safety of biobank facilities
• Record keeping, data entry, databases, compliance with the Data Protection Act, definition of password access to databases
• Re-evaluation of sample types collected and samples used
• Stock audit and definition of maintenance of samples
• Use of international biobanking guidelines of ISBER and National Cancer Institute

Each hospital biobank is guardian of its own patients’ donations of tissue and blood. Each hospital biobank’s samples will be handled by that hospital’s biobank scientist (technician) only.

Draw down of samples for approved projects at any institution is regulated in each hospital by the Biobank Director / Committee, and for collaborative projects by the Steering Committee (see Sample Access for Researchers).