Patient Participation

Patient Participation

Do Patients have to take part?

No. Patients are perfectly entitled to refuse and this will not affect the standard of care they receive. The great majority of patients agree to take part, because of the chance that they may be able to help others with their disease.

What will happen to Patients who decide to take part?

And what do Patients who decide to take part have to do?

Patients will be asked to sign a consent form to allow tissue samples from their operation specimen (or blood samples) to be stored and used in future cancer research. When Patients enter the hospital, they are informed about the biobank, provided with an Information Sheet and asked if they would be comfortable donating some surplus tissue to the biobank. If the Patient agrees, he/she signs a Biobank Consent Form (Consent Form), following discussion with a nurse or doctor. No additional procedure is needed other than completing the consent form. At all points, the Patient’s diagnosis has priority over research. Even with consent, we opt not to biobank samples from 15-20% of patients, when, for example, the cancer is very small. Patients are also asked to consent that doctors and nurses in the research team can review their medical charts (for family history, blood results, pathology, radiology, treatment and follow-up).